4th International Conference for Sustainable Resource Society

The International Conference for Sustainable Resource Society is a multi-disciplinary conference focused on challenges of sustainability transitions in society, environmental change, and sustainable use of natural resources. ICS24 is organized around five working groups: bio society, climate, water, energy & minerals, and circular economy and sustainable society. ICS24 is jointly organized by a consortium of University of Eastern Finland Research Communities: RESOURCE, FOBI, WATER, CLEHE, and PHOTONICS.   

ICS24 offers a platform for researchers from all fields of science to share research insights and discuss the complex global and local challenges on sustainability transitions, the use of natural resources, environmental and climate change, and circular economy themes from a broad perspective, or those themes which are related to the conference theme.  

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We warmly invite paper or poster submissions covering the themes of sustainability transitions and the sustainable use of natural resources; these are described in detail in the session descriptions. We especially welcome submissions that explore and discuss the ICS24 special theme:   

Environmental Monitoring and Impact Assessment

Relationships between human beings and natural ecosystems are under radical changes in many respects. Ecological crisis is globally alarming, and at the same time, urbanization, digitalization and artificial intelligence are increasing the distance between human beings and nature. For example, digital platforms applied in natural resources management, applications of virtual reality and digital twins are typical technological channels connecting human beings and nature.

Technology evidently offers great possibilities. However, we need to profoundly understand how natural ecosystems function, how human-nature relationships change in different contexts, and how to keep natural ecosystems and human-nature relationships alive through our knowledge- and community-based expert systems. Environmental monitoring, impact assessment and management systems should offer adequate support to decision making when developing just policies, sustainable nature-based solutions in business and environmental governance as a whole - so that sustainability challenges can be genuinely tackled on global, regional and local scales.
The conference will be organized as a hybrid event and there are no conference fees for conference participation or for the evening event (maximum of 150 participants, potential waitinglist). The on-site event will held at the Joensuu campus of the University of Eastern Finland. The online event details will be shared at a later date.   

Tentative programme

Thu Oct 31
8.00 Registration
10.00 Plenary
11.30 Lunch
12.30 Parallel sessions
16.00 Campus Tour (incl. poster session)
19.00 Conference dinner

Fri Nov 1
8.00 Registration
8.30 Forest & Photonics event / Parallel sessions
10.45 - 11.30 Plenary

Conference hotel accommodation 29 October - 1 November 2024

ICS24 has set of hotel rooms reserved for attendees. You can reserve a room from Sokos Hotel Kimmel via the website www.sokoshotels.fi, email kimmel.joensuu@sokoshotels.fi or phone 020 123 4663.

A standard single room is 119 € per night and a standard double room is 139 € per night. A Superior single room is 139 € per night and a double Superior room is 159 € per night. The prices include breakfast and the use of evening sauna on Sun - Thu.

Please use the conference code BICS24 when making the reservation. The code is valid through October 9th.

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The event will be held in the Joensuu Scientific Park (Länsikatu 15, a couple of hundred meters from the campus). The event brings together sustainable businesses and researchers and includes speed dating and pitching.
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