LITHME Training school 2021

C/ Canteros s/n 05005 Ávila SPAIN

Personal information

The training school will be conducted in English. If you are not currently working or studying in English, please explain your proficiency in English, either with an IELTS certificate or some other evidence. NOTE: please contact us if it would be too costly or difficult to obtain such evidence in this time, and we will try to help.

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This training school runs for five days, and requires on average 8 hours of on-site presence. Please confirm you will be able to commit to this. *
Please use the text box below if you may need to be absent for any of this time for accessibility reasons, including childcare.
Any accessibility issues, including disability, caring/childcare needs, dietary requirements, etc.
We will try to help within our capabilities.



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Eligibility information

Reimbursement eligibility *
Please begin by consulting the COST Vademecum and read Annex I (page 41-42) to determine if you can be reimbursed for your travel and accommodation expenses. To see which countries are part of the COST programme, see If you cannot tick either of these boxes, unfortunately you will not be able to participate.

Evaluation information

The training school will be based on the activities of LITHME's eight Working Groups. These are described here: In the following questions, you don't need to cover all the Working Groups, just as many as you feel would be relevant to your work.

Applicants are advised that this form does not have an auto-save function, and so to compose their responses in e.g. Word or Google Docs and then paste into this form. Please note the word limit in each question.
Please describe the relevance of LITHME to your research. *
How do you think attending LITHME training school will have an effect on your research? *
If you teach, or plan to teach in your future career, how do you think attending LITHME training school will have an effect on your teaching skills?
What other plans would you have for sharing what you learn, in academic and non-academic contexts?


Estimate of travel costs *
Accepted participants are given a daily allowance of 172€ per day to cover meals and accommodation. Other costs (e.g. travel, visa fees) are reimbursed in addition to this based on receipts. All costs are reimbursed only after the training school, with a record of attendance. Please estimate the total travel costs you would ask to be reimbursed (not the daily allowance).

Check §5.1 of the Vademecum for eligible expenses: We suggest using a price comparison website such as If you are flying into Madrid, return travel to Ávila should be around 15€. Other train prices within Spain can be found at

NOTE: we only need a total figure here, not a breakdown or a justification.

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